Headmistress of Hogwarts.

Theodora Agatha Cromwell
Hortense Cromwell (mother)
Nicholas Cromwell (father)
Hadrian Cromwell (elder brother)
Livia Drusilla Cromwell (younger sister)
Dviniation Professor and Headmistress of Hogwarts
Blood Status
Human, Witch
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Theodora Cromwell is the current Divination professor and Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Theodora is slender, and very slim. She's quite a small woman, however she is quite tall, which gives her a sort of gaunt frame. Despite this, she has quite a beautiful face which is filled with lines of wisdom beyond her years. When her hair isn't pulled tightly into a bun, it is long and wavy, falling to her back. She's been told he has a beautiful smile, but very rarely does one experience such an event. Her most striking features are her eyes - a deep emerald green that gives one the impression that they are staring into the gemstones themselves.

Theodora was named after a great Byzantine Empress. In fact, all her siblings are named after major names from the Roman Empire. Her elder brother, Hadrian - one of the greatest emperors, and her younger sister, Livia Drusilla - the first woman who was Deified, and the first Empress of the Empire. The family was highly influential, and had high hopes for each of the Cromwell children. Hadrian was of quick wit, charm and charisma - going on to be an influential political figure in the Royal Scottish court. Livia Drusilla, of fair face and sparkling etiquette; was beautiful and courted highly, and thus married to a high ranking noble. This left Theodora - with the suitability of Livia's match and the success of Hadrian's endeavours, Theodora was left to do what she pleased, for the Cromwells had achieved all they really needed to retain their good name.

Theodora excelled in Hogwarts, being sorted almost instantaneously in Ravenclaw house. No one suspected it, she grasped concepts faster than others, and found solutions even faster. That and her seer bloodline (from her mother's side) gave her massive insight which she used to further her study. Needless to say Theodora flourished, especially in Divination, so as soon as she progressed through to seventh year, she knew what she wanted to do with herself - teach. As soon as she finished her seventh year, she took one year out to go into court, like all young ladies did, present herself to any bachelors and see if anyone wished for her hand in marriage. While she did receive offers, she turned them down. Her vision was clear, and she didn't feel like she needed a man's presence to be successful. Instead when she turned twenty, she applied to work at Hogwarts.

Initially she worked as a Matron, assisting the healer. After two years, she became Head Healer in the Hospital Wing. Three years passed, after her twenty fifth birthday she was given the role of Divination professor. For five years she taught, and when she turned 28 she was made Head of Ravenclaw house. It was not long then, two years, to be precise, when the previous Headmaster, a wizened and forgetful man, passed away. The clear candidate for his replacement was Theodora - she had been working at Hogwarts for ten years, and worked her way to the top. For two years now she has been Headmistress, and prevailed over the school quite formidably.

Theodora comes across as thoughtful, cold and calculating. She is, it would be wrong to deny so. However she isn't really introverted or strict. During her job she is, as such is the nature of her role. However, if one was to know her personally, they would see her as good-natured, humorous and talkative. Theodora enjoys dance and music, occasionally writing her own flute pieces. She strongly appreciates the arts and thus is quite a cultured individual.


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Theodora is obviously skilled at divination, being a seer. Her favourite forms are palmistry and cartomancy, being best at those. Her least favourite is crystal gazing, as it is far too much hassle to wait for the clouds to form in the crystals.
Believe it or not, Theodora is an extremely formidable duellist. She has been described as a "storm in a dress", due to her quick reactions despite her constricting dresses.
Music Composition and Dance
She, in her private time, is a talented flute composer. She won't ever show anyone, but it's very therapeutic and sometimes she composes during a spare moment in Hogwarts. She is also a keen dancer, and dances well, a talent which Livia Drusilla constantly reminds her is "wasted" due to her lack of a husband.

Her wand is a supple 13 inch Yew and Phoenix Feather.
  • Her Patronus is a goose
  • She comes across as very strict, but she actually has a very agreeable personality and sense of humour.
  • She's a wonderful dancer and musician, but can't sing. She doesn't have the right voice for it.

Headmistress Cromwell - Hogwarts Headmistress & Seer -“educate one man, and you educate an individual. educate a woman, and you educate a whole nation.”
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She places her hands on her hips and says, astutely, "Should you be in class?", with a raised eyebrow. "Come on, get going!"


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