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About the Character
  • Name: Your character must have a first and last name. Unless they are non-human creature with only one name, such as a centaur, this applies to all. Their names must also be appropriate and not just nonsense letters. They may have same first or last name as a character in Harry Potter, however they cannot be related to that character, especially if they are an important one.
  • Personality: Your character's personality should be at least one paragraph, three to five sentences long.
  • History: Your character's history should be at least two paragraphs long (each paragraph being three to five sentences). Some things you can put in your character's history are their family and how they grew up. If your character is muggle-born, or not aware of their magical heritage, please write about your character's first signs of magic. If your character is a ghost, please write about how they died.
  • Sorting Quiz: Please answer the sorting quiz, especially if your character is a student. As stated in the Adult Sorting Forum, it is optional to do so for adults.
  • Occupation (Adults): If your character is an adult, just saying their occupation in the sorting forum does not necessarily mean that they will get the job. Unless your character has a freelance profession, they need to sign up for their occupation.
  • Rare and Natural Abilities: Your first character cannot be exotic. This means that they have a special ability, or are not completely human. This includes photographic memory, metamorphmagi, part/full vampires, werewolves, part/full veela, ghosts and the likes. Exotic characters can only make up 40% or 4 of your characters, whichever is less, however special exceptions could be made with admin approval. If your character is exotic, please specify in the forum. If you do not and add it to your character's page later on, then you will get a warning from one of the members of the admin team.
    Also, since non-humans are not allowed to have a wand, full vampires and veela are not allowed at Hogwarts, as they would not be able to practice magic.
    • The nature of the abilities/powers of the character are up to the administration team's discretion.
OOC Things
  • If an admin comments on your sorting forum and asks to make a change and you do not do it within one week, your sorting will be deleted.
  • Please sign your sorting forum with ~~~~ or your signature.
  • You will be given two weeks to finish a work-in-progress sorting. Please don't argue with the administrators - it won't go well.

Sorted Characters:
Topic Last Edit Last Author
Sorting:Rosalind Gloriana Holloway00:45, August 5, 2018Sonofapollo
Sorting:Joseph Abbott II18:58, July 23, 2018Sonofapollo
Sorting:Amelia Bennet11:25, July 22, 2018Sonofapollo
Sorting:Walter Bohan16:25, July 21, 2018Sonofapollo
Sorting:Fergus Macmillan23:43, July 20, 2018Sonofapollo
Sorting:Mildred Blackburn13:38, May 19, 2015Rabbitty
Sorting:Isabelle d'Athenous12:15, April 3, 2015Sonofapollo
Sorting:Guinevere Colburn17:41, January 15, 2015Sonofapollo
Sorting:Caroline Starseer15:02, January 3, 2015Sonofapollo
Sorting:Morag Rùm22:43, January 2, 2015Sonofapollo
Sorting:Maeva Fairchild21:26, December 27, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Geoffrey Fairchild21:25, December 27, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Audovera Woodville12:42, December 24, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Rosalind Adair12:40, December 24, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Adrienne Lisieux10:54, December 24, 2014Asteriea
Sorting:Raymond Lisieux22:54, December 23, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Dionisia Ayr21:47, December 23, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Charlotte Bancroft17:45, December 23, 2014Asteriea
Sorting:Lyle Perkins17:44, December 23, 2014Asteriea
Sorting:Alfwin Køhler17:40, December 23, 2014Asteriea
Sorting:Caitríona Ní Eoghan17:39, December 23, 2014Asteriea
Sorting:Alexia Ackerley17:39, December 23, 2014Asteriea
Sorting:Ridley Chamberlain05:47, December 22, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Esther Attaway17:07, December 21, 2014Luctor Et Emergo
Sorting:Médéric Challis11:10, December 20, 2014LittleRedCrazyHood
Sorting:Fáelán Ó Eoghan02:06, December 16, 2014Sonofapollo
Sorting:Margrethe Køhler01:05, December 14, 2014Sonofapollo

Denied Characters:
Topic Last Edit Last Author

Unsorted Characters:
Topic Last Edit Last Author
Sorting:Livia McKenzie04:56, November 27, 2018AnneBoland
Sorting:Priscilla Goodwin19:31, July 29, 2018Dirael
Sorting:Adeline Bellerose04:26, July 24, 2018Hannahgrace.05

Sorting Templates

{{Sorting/Gryffindor}} = Character has been sorted into Gryffindor.
{{Sorting/Ravenclaw}} = Character has been sorted into Ravenclaw.
{{Sorting/Hufflepuff}} = Character has been sorted into Hufflepuff.
{{Sorting/Slytherin}} = Character has been sorted into Slytherin.

{{Sorting/Approved}} = Character has been approved.
{{Sorting/Denied}} = Character has been denied.



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