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Ravenclaw Common Room

Ravenclaw Tower.jpg

Sagacity, as its true proponents know, comes in many guises, and in different ages manifests itself in a myriad of forms. We of the Ravenclaw, who take Rowena and her precepts as our paramount guides, we seek eternally, not to find, but to journey within, ourselves and the time and space we share. Thus we have not a password of any fixed manner, a rote remedy to the issue of access, but rather portals of perception, which any suited to cross may do so. We draw no line in the sand to declare undying allegiance, rather we weigh, and consider, and conclude what, on this occasion, is most meet.

This is not to say we lack conviction, but rather that our insight permits us to apprehend how another's differing position may be equally well-founded, and of sound construction.

This tower, with its windows, draws our gaze to heavens and earth alike, and helps us not tumble into the pit of pure self-contemplation, from which so little of any true worth arises. We look to see, and in seeking discover, uncovering those truths, personal and public, which lead us all our days, long after this place is but recollection.