Ríoghnach-3 Roleplayed by R.A.B.-Sig
Ríoghnach Ní Eoghain
Age 12
Home Crannóg
Occupation Hogwarts student
Loyalty Teallach Eoghain
Ríoghnach is a second year Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts. From the Irish druid clan Teallach Eoghain, she is the second child of Cináed's second wife, Clíodhna.

Ríoghnach's whole life, the clan has been led by her grandfather, Eoghan. But when Ríoghnach's father Cináed was small child, Eoghan's brother Fionn had led.

Fionn led very loosely, and after a raid that resulted in the death of his Eoghan's wife, he challenged his brother. Fionn died that day, leaving behind his wife Dáirine and their two small children. Dáirine took her children and left, harboring bitter anger.

Cináed grew up, married a woman named Enat, and had a son. But Fionn's daughter Líle ha grown up and married too. Her husband was a man named Ailill — the elder brother of Ríoghnach's mother. Líle still remembered the night her father had been killed, and Dáirine had spent years telling Líle to never forget. Líle urged her new family of in-laws to attack Eoghan's clan.

Ailill's father didn't want to attack. His first grandchildren had just been born. He just wanted to play with his grandchildren, for them to grow up in peace. So he made a deal with Eoghan. He married his daughter Clíodhna to Eoghan's son and heir, Cináed.

Clíodhna is Ríoghnach's mother. Clíodhna and her brother Ailill had always been very close, and he would never allow his wife to attack his sister's family.

Ríoghnach was born in Connacht, Ireland, her father's fourth child. Her family is her mother, her full-blooded sister Brigid, her other mother Enat, and her half-siblings Cadeyrn, Caitríona, and Fáelán, their father Cináed, and grandfather Eoghan. After Cináed's mother was killed in the raid, Eoghan eventually remarried, Ríoghnach's step-grandma Bríd, mother of her uncle Muiris.

Cadeyrn, Brigid, and Caitríona were all born serially — each one year apart — but then there was a 3 year gap between Caitríona and Ríoghnach. And after Ríoghnach was Fáelán — again on year apart. As a small child, Ríoghnach loved to follow Brigid around. But the big kids would often play together, doing their own thing, and so Ríoghnach would hang out with Fáelán.

Cináed was the first person in their family to attend Hogwarts. After how lax things had been with Fionn, Eoghan thought the school would do his son good. And Cináed later sent his own children there. Her older siblings started leaving for school, and Ríoghnach and Fáelán were back at home together, and they grew closer.

And now it's this year. It's her second year, Fáelán's first, and Cadeyrn's last — it's the only year they'll have all together at Hogwarts. But they're not quite. Cadeyrn is almost an adult, and on edge. Caitríona might be sold off to the English. And Ríoghnach is scared — by all of it.

Ethnicity Irish
Religion Gaelic pagan
Native Language Gaoidhealg
Languages Spoken Gaoidhealg, Englisc
Accent Irish (Connacht)
Birthplace Connacht, Ireland
Birthday July 3, 1055
Race Witch
Blood Status Pure-blood
Virtues Passionate, solemn
Vices Dependent, stubborn
Romantic Orientation Homoromantic
Patronus Elk
Boggart Her siblings growing up and leaving her behind
Amortentia Wood-smoke, herbs, and beeswax

Ríoghnach might like to think she's independent, but she depends very heavily on her family. At home with her family, Ríoghnach laughs, jokes, and teases. She'll say whatever she wants, without hesitating. But elsewhere, she quiets. She becomes more demure and serious, and also more disdainful. You might think that who she is at home is the "real" her, but it's actually the other way around. Ríoghnach knows this for fact: She likes the self she can be with strangers better; she feels more comfortable with herself then.

But the fact remains that they're an necessary to her as breathing. She derives her entire identity from them. Outside the context of her family, she has no idea who she is. Alone she'd fail, trodden into the ground like mud. She needs them. And she misses them like hell when they're separated.

People have sometimes said Ríoghnach looks like her sisters Brigid and Caitríona. Ríoghnach loves it when people say that — she doesn't really believe it's true, but she likes that people perceive that it is. Her sisters are beautiful. Ríoghnach knows she isn't, but she likes the idea that she looks like them anyways, even just a little. They have the same colouring, and similar hair and that must enough to fake it.

Their hair displays their different maternity, but unless you already knew their genealogy, you likely wouldn't notice. Ríoghnach's hair is thick — wavy, almost curly — like her mother and sister, taking after Síol Chaiside. Enat's children took after her, with hair that is noticeably straighter.

A recent growth spurt has left Ríoghnach slightly taller than average, but certainly not tall enough to be called "tall". Most importantly, it has made her once again taller than her brother Fáelán — all of Enat's children are tallish, and someday he will be taller than her, but at least not quite yet.

Hair Dark waves
Skin Fair
Eyes Blue-grey
Stature Average
Wand Arm Right
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Best Class Herbology
Worst Class History
Ambition Beekeeper
Skills Divination, writing, sewing
Interests She's not sure

Ríoghnach doesn't have a talent. Her elder siblings do — Brigid is a gifted musician, and if her divination's good enough, Ríoghnach is sure she'll become a fili someday, or failing that, a bard. Cadeyrn is an herbalist, and good with animals, not to mention heir to the clan. Caitríona writes beautifully, and while Ríoghnach isn't quite sure what she could do with this skill, she's sure that when they have children someday, they'll always be begging for one of Caitríona's stories — and thereby Caitríona will always be loved for her gift.

Ríoghnach is always looking for her thing, something that fits, something that's hers, something that's her own magic. She hasn't found it yet.

She has some skills, things she's decent at, but not things she loves or is great at. She's reasonably good at divination. Her grandparents do it, and they've taught her some. Ríoghnach wants to study it next year in school, although her grandma, Bríd, warns her against it — she doesn't trust English divination. Ríoghnach is also reasonably good at writing, taught by Caitríona — but she always likes reading Caitríona's work better than writing anything of her own.

  • She loves the story of Ferdiad and Cúchulainn, even thought it almost always makes her cry.
  • She likes watching the changing colours of fire.
  • Her favourite colour is blue.
  • In the Ravenclaw dorms, she sometimes crawls into her sister Caitríona's bed.
Brigid is Ríoghnach's elder, full-blooded sister. Ríoghnach absolutely adores her. When Ríoghnach was little, her family would sometimes call her "Brigid's little shadow" because she followed Brigid around everywhere. Nowadays, Ríoghnach is far to old and prideful to do that but she still mimics her sister, although more discretely.
Fáelán is Ríoghnach's brother and best friend. He knows her better than anyone does — they've spent so long together. They're "the little kids" in their family, but between the two of them, Ríoghnach is a year older. Sometimes talks down to Fáelán because of that, but she does it because it makes her feel better, not to make Fáelán feel worse. She takes him for granted, but she needs him. More than anyone else, she needs him.
After Fáelán, Caitríona is Ríoghnach's next closest sibling in age. She doesn't idealize her the way she does Brigid; she sees Caitríona more clearly for who she is. The two of them are the Ravenclaw — word-loving Ravenclaws, giving them their own special bond. For example, that love of words branches over into names, and while most of the family calls her sister Cáit, Ríoghnach usually uses Caitríona's full name. Ríoghnach trusts her — perhaps it's because she knows when she tells her something, Caitríona will understand what she's trying to say.
Cadeyrn's the sibling who's most distant. For one, Ríoghnach and Cadeyrn were separated for many years, with him at Hogwarts and her at home. And moreover, they don't have a shared thing that bonds them. In their family, the kids are sorted into categories three ways: by gender, by age, and by mother, none of which put Cadeyrn and Ríoghnach in the same category. And for another, he's 17 now; a man grown, and about to leave school — to leave her behind. Ríoghnach doesn't even want to think about this, and it's easier to get angry at Cadeyrn — to try to hate him, so she can be ok with him leaving.
Clíodhna is Ríoghnach's own mother. While she sometimes declares Clíodhna her favorite parent to hurt her father or Enat, she has never declares Enat or Cináed her favorite parent to hurt Clíodhna. Ríoghnach loves her mother and hates her — respects her and scorns her; fears her, but also looks to her for protection.
Enat is Ríoghnach's other mother, step-mother, secondary mother. While Ríoghnach is less close to Enat than to Clíodhna, Enat is absolutely her mother too. Ríoghnach is less close to Enat than to her own mother, but the flip side of that is that generally, they get alone more peacefully.
Cináed is the most distant of Ríoghnach's parents; her mothers take care of her. Cináed is always at Eoghan's side, being instructed. Ríoghnach knows he takes no joy in his role of endlessly listening to Eoghan, but it's a fact of life. Unlike some of her siblings, Ríoghnach doesn't hate their father; never more than a moment's flash on anger. Eoghan is pulling him around, and
Ríoghnach fears her grandfather. Not terribly so, but a little niggling that never goes away. It has something to do with the fact that her mother and father married to prevent a blood feud — Ríoghnach is too much Clíodhna's daugher. Not that she would ever want her aunt to be allowed to kill her grandfather, but the fact that he killed his brother doesn't sit easily with her. The mere idea that they were once like her and Fáelán always makes her skin crawl.
Bríd is Ríoghnach's grandma. Well, not by blood. Her real grandma, Dearbháil, died when her father was little. After her death, Eoghan remarried. Bríd is Cináed's step-mother, Muiris's real mother. She's wonderful to them all, and Cináed even named his first daughter, Brigid, after her.
He's Ríoghnach's uncle; her dad's little half-brother. In many ways, he's the most fun of the adults — perhaps because he's an uncle, not a parent, so he doesn't have the responsibility of chiding Ríoghnach.
Grandfather Eoghan Mac Dhubhghaill Elder Sister Brigid Ní Eoghain
Step-Grandmother Bríd Bean Mhic Dhubhghaill Step-Mother Enat Bean Mhic Eoghain
Father Cináed Mac Eoghain Elder Half-Brother Cadeyrn Ó hEoghain
Half-Uncle Muiris Mac Eoghain Elder Half-Sister Caitríona Ní Eoghain
Mother Clíodhna Bean Mhic Eoghain Younger Half-Brother Fáelán Ó hEoghain
Ríoghnach is half in love with Alexia; she has been since the second time she met her. They're classmates, both second years. Ríoghnach loves being around Alexia, but she also hates being around Alexia; it drives her crazy. She drives her crazy.
Bradley's another classmate of theirs, and Ríoghnach knows Alexia likes him, and him her. Not a lot, but enough, and it's only going to get worse with time. Ríoghnach is painfully jealous, exaggerated by the fact that Alexia and Bradley are in Gryffindor together. And the worst part is Ríoghnach almost understands it; she may just like Bradley a little bit herself. But he's wildly irritating, and Ríoghnach has often longed to punch him in the face herself. He's funny too though, and he makes everyone laugh, so it's hard to stay annoyed with him for long.
Being around Alexia is excruciating, and being around Bradley is infuriating, so Ríoghnach generally hangs around with Esther by process of elimination. It's not that Ríoghnach dislikes Esther; it's just that she doesn't particularly like her much either. But Esther's the easiest of her classmates to be around, and that's worth something, although admittedly not much.