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Gryffindor Common Room

Gryffindor Common Room.jpg

Welcome to Gryffindor, where as long as there's a spark in your heart we'll fan it into an inferno. Do you think those flame colours came about by accident. No way! We're raw, raging courage, and pure heart.

OK, so, passwords — well, obviously, you just have to learn them — by heart, get it? We've had some that couldn't and it caused a mess of trouble.

This is where heart and soul will bring you, and here you'll find nothing but hearty souls, ready to embark on adventure and cast caution to the wind — in a righteous cause, of course. We follow the rules, but we're not their slaves, and whenever the school, or any good thing, needs standing up for, there you'll find us, in the vanguard.


Lyle and Rosalind